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WHYME is the brainchild of Mark Lim following his recovery from a horrific vehicular accident in Dec 2015. The WHYME brand targets two groups of individuals, represented by the two hands in the logo. Through keynotes, workshops and retreats, Mark hopes to bring more ORANGE HAND to the WHITE HAND.

WHITE HAND - the people who needed help

This hand represents individuals who needed help. They are discouraged with life and are likely physically, emotionally or financially challenged. While many may ask, "Why me?" when confronted with unfortunate events, Mark draws on the power of contrarian thinking to reframe their perspectives. He seeks to flip their interpretation of the circumstances and ultimately better their lives.

ORANGE HAND - the people who can help

The orange hand represents the helping hand. Instead of asking, "Why me?" when we are asked to help, Mark hopes to encourage the spirit of volunteerism and sharing, as an extension of the help that he had personally received during his recovery.

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