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Hear what others say

Mark is a thinker and doer. He is Creative, Compassionate and Contrarion. He makes ideas work!

Sean Tan


The Asian Coach Pte Ltd

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Mark thinks differently. That makes him different from the rest. Always grateful for the many ideas he contributed to help me make my mark in my business. Thank you Mark!

Lee Hui Fang

Ouch Pte Ltd


Mark is an incredibly resourceful person. By challenging conventional wisdom, he is often able to look at things from different perspectives, and providing practical and effective solutions to existing challenges.

Patrick Chang
Retirement Coach, Financial Portfolio Analyst

Author, Game Developer


Mark is a modern-day actionable philosopher. He infuses a refreshing touch of creativity in the pragmatic solutions to the challenges I faced in reaching my end goal and achieving my vision. Insights that are truly contrarian, simple yet very usefully innovative (why force your way into a brick wall when you can walk around it?).


Louis Choo

Poetry Author


Dream it! Believe it! Achieve it!

Mark exemplifies this phrase. He dares to dream and is determined to achieve his dreams.

I enjoy having conversations with Mark as he always managed to trigger my thoughts with the way he looks at things from a different angle. He’s also very creative and he’s the person I will go to if I need any good ideas. He’s the one who gave the name for my business website. Love it so much!

Mavis Pang


KCGP Pte Ltd,

Unfranchise Owner

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