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Flip your mindset before it flips you.

30 years ago, Mark failed the aptitude test for entry to the design course in Temasek Poly but did not give up his dream to be a designer. Ironically, as a contrarian, the lack of formal education in interior design may have actually made him a better designer.


The habit to challenge assumptions from business norms to design practices translated to exceptional results. 

MDS interiors, the interior design company which he co-founded with two other partners in 2012 was voted as one of the three best-rated interior design and renovation companies in Orchard Road, Singapore.


Since assuming his role as design director in MDS, Mark has worked on some of the most prestigious addresses in Singapore – Reflections at Keppel Bay, Ardmore 3, Gramercy Park, Marina Bay Suites, Tomlinson heights and GCB (Good Class Bungalow).

In Dec 2015, Mark met with a horrific car accident and was seriously injured. He was given a pessimistic prognosis but made a superb recovery and was "reborn" with a renewed life’s purpose.

He established WHYME upon his discharge to share the power of contrarian thinking, which he applied in his life, business and even to his accident recovery.

Mark is a practitioner of contrarian thinking but does not endorse blind nonconformity where one oppose for the sake of opposing.

In his keynote, Mark will be sharing the power of contrarian thinking with close reference to his two decades of unconventional business experience and amazing accident recovery.

If you have not heard Mark, get in touch to find out more.





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